Vial Aluminum Cap Sealing Machine

The Vial Aluminum Cap Sealing Machine is used for sealing glass vials. These machines have been specifically used in pharmaceutical companies. The machine puts an aluminum cap on the vials for sealing them after they have been properly filled and stoppered. The vials are injectable glass vials essentially. In accordance with the required amount of output, you can easily alter the number of sealing heads.
The steel frames and doors in this Aluminum Cap Sealing Machine is used for servicing the machine in the best possible manner. The turntable of the filling machine continuously feeds conveyor belt. The Aluminum Vial Cap Sealing Machine ensures placement at equal intervals. During the infeed star wheel, the vials pick up their seals before the delivery chute is approached. The free spinning sealing rollers then complete the sealing process of the Aluminum Cap Sealing Machine.

Salient features of this Automatic Aluminum Cap Sealing Machine has been explained in the following few points

  • cGMP model used
  • 'No Stopper on vial before sealing - machine stop' system enables the machine to stop in case no stopper on a particular vial is found before the sealing can be completed
  • Parts of teh machine that come into direct contact with the aluminum cap are made of Stainless Steel which fits the GMP standards also
  • Sealing pressure can be controlled
  • Counter for counting the number of vials
  • If the vial is overturned or more than the allowed dimensions, the machine will stop automatically
  • 'No seal in chute - Machine Stop' system has been integrated
  • A single motor is used to put all the parts into loop i.e. conveyor, platform and star wheels.
  • Speed can be easily controlled
  • Rollers ensure that no damage is done to the caps allowing flexibility in case the neck of the vial is larger or smaller.
  • Speed can be adjusted through drivers
  • Photo sensing device to stop the machine if the aluminum caps finish in the delivery chute
  • Acrylic cabinet

Technical Specification of this Vial Cap Sealing Machine includes

Number of Heads
Production Rate
30 to 60
60 to 120
100 to 200 Vials/Minute
Input Specification
  1. Container Diameter:
Container Height:
Rubber Stopper:
15mm to 80mm
25mm to 180mm
13mm, 20mm & 28mm, 30mm & 33mm with the help of change parts.
Power Supply
0.5 H.P.
1 H.P.
1.5 H.P
Electrical Characteristics
440 Volts, 3 Phase, 50 Hertz, 4 Wire System
Optional Accessories:
  1. Aluminium profile cabinet covering full machine
  2. Chuck for flip-off seal
  3. PLC with GUI
Overall Dimension:
1250mm(L) x
800mm(W) x
1800mm (H)
1400mm (L) x
850mm (W) x
1800mm (H)
2000mm (L) x
850mm (W) x 1800mm(H)
(Dimension include basic machine & 30” In-feed turn table)
25 Hg. @ 300 LPM Displacement
Relational Humidity
Below 28%
Overall Dimension
2100mm (L) X 842mm (W) X 1700mm (H)
(Dimension include main machine with in-feed turn table)

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