Two Head Ampoule Filling Sealing Machine

The Two Head Ampoule Filling Sealing Machine is another version of the varied types of ampoule filling and sealing machines available with Multi Pak Machinery. This specific machinery is available with two heads. However, the company offers the similar machine with more heads and it is also customizable in accordance with the requirements of a particular customer.
The machine like all others, works in accordance with the slant travel mechanism to accommodate filling and sealing effectively of ampoules, vials or cartridges of all sizes, dimensions or thickness. Stainless Steel has been used the manufacturing of pipe frames, coverings, belts etc. The stainless steel has a matt finish for a better look. A large opening has been added at the bottom to ensure that the machine is easy to clean.

Salient features of this Two Head Filling Sealing Machine have been explained through the following few points for a better understanding

  • Pendant style control panel that works with the supply of electricity has been added to increase the efficiency and ensure that it is safe to use
  • If an ampoule is not there, filling and sealing material will not go waste through the No Ampoule and No Filling systematization
  • Complete accessibility allows comfortable maintenance of the machine
  • Change over time is the shortest.
  • Sleek GMP modeling
  • 316 SS has been used during the making of the contact parts that fill and seal the ampoules and for the parts that do not come in contact, 304 SS is used
  • Neck centering
  • Nitrogen gas flushing throughout the filling process
  • Pre warming station has been integrated in the machine beforehand
  • Machine is easy to clean and maintain as well

Technical Specifications of this Automatic Two Head Ampoule Filling Sealing Machine include

No. of Head
Ampoule Handling Range
1 ml to 20 ml
Production Output
30 to 55 ampoules/minute
Filling Accuracy
± 1%
Require Gas for Sealing
LPG & Oxygen (O₂)
Nitrogen Flushing
Pre & Post Nitrogen Flushing Available
Power Specification
1 H.P.
Electrical Characteristics
230 Volts, Single Phase, 50 Hertz, 4 Wire System
Contact Parts
Made from Stainless Steel 316L
Non Contact Parts
Made from Stainless Steel 304
Overall Dimension
915mm (L) x 760mm (W) x 965mm (H)

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