Sterilizing and Depyrogenation Tunnel

The Sterilizing and Depyrogenation Tunnel uses warm or hot air to ensure that the sterilization of the vials are carried out in the best possible manner. The Depyrogenation Tunnel has been specifically manufactured keeping in mind the requirements of pharmaceutical companies these days. It basically prepares the vials for filling and sealing after the washing of the vials is completed.
The glass vials are placed on a mesh belt made of Stainless Steel and it is then sterilized using hot, dry, preheat and cool air. A system has been installed to carefully check each and every process and ensure that everything is carried out smoothly. These Sterilization Equipments can be used for sterilizing ampoules and cartridges as well.

Salient features of this Sterilizing Tunnel and Depyrogenation Tunnel are mentioned below

  • Every independent filter is compiled with filter integrity sample ports
  • Alarm is triggered if the belt operates out of the speed limit allowed at one point of time
  • The tunnel has been equipped with an advanced ampoule or vial controller for the flow. The machine can be easily restarted as and when the requirement arises
  • Switches with pressure to monitor high and slow alarms
  • You can monitor the conveyor belt.
  • Ports have been installed to allow entrance of validation thermocouples in every zone
  • Each and every filter module consists of a pressure gauge that has been installed for monitoring pressure of any type
  • The tunnel has been integrated with a night mode. This can be used to save electricity when the tunnel is not in use for any reason. This mode is also used to ensure that the contamination is averted completely even when the machine is not being used.

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