Semi Automatic Ampoule Vial Washing Machine

The Semi Automatic Ampoule Vial Washing Machine is an effortless, small-scale, flexible and dependable washing machine for ampoules and vials. The machine complies with the latest GMP standards. The machine has been made of the best quality Stainless Steel material. The Ampoule Washing Machine can wash ampoules ranging from 1ml to 20ml and glass vials of 2ml to 100ml with the help of change parts.
A mechanical motor has been installed with a camera operated valve system in order to observe 6 washing systems in one cycle. On the other hand, on popular customer demand timer operated solenoid valve system or a microprocessor controlled timers. These devices can enhance the machine and give a better performance. It can also help the user get the best out of a yet simple Vial Washing machine.

Salient features of Multi Pak Machinery Semi Automatic Vial Washing Machine have been explained in the following few points

  • Pressurized jets via washing needle in order to clean through the use of medias with the help of minimum use. Sound design has also been integrated for reverse and continuous supply of wash mediums.
  • Contact parts are all made of 316 SS or Polycarbonate HDPE or PP material which has been approved by the FDA largely
  • The machine is extremely easy to operate and hence a semi skilled individual can also easy use the machine
  • Internal and external washing allowing complete and continuous washing of ampoules
  • Top cover is made of acrylic material for a clean view during the wash
  • When the cover is lifted, the machine immediately stops and restarts as soon as the cover is placed back again

Technical Specifications of this Semi Automatic Ampoule Washing Machine includes

AAVW 340
Ampoule Range
1ml to 20ml
Vial Range
2ml to 100ml
Production Rate
1200 to 10000 per hour
Power Supply
0.25 H.P.
Electrical Characteristics
220 Volts, 60 Hertz, 4 Wire System
Net Weight
120 Kgs. Approx.
Gross Weight
300 Kgs. Approx
Net Dimension
990 mm (L) X 860 mm (W) X 940 mm (H)
Case Dimensions
1100 mm (L) X 1050 mm (W) X 1200 mm (H)

Washing Cycle

Internal/ External Washing
Consumption of Utilities
1st Wash - De-Mineralized Water
3.5 to 4 Liters
2nd Wash - Purified Air
3rd Wash - De-Mineralized Water
3.5 to 4 Liters
4th Wash - Purified Air
5th Wash - Water for Injection
3.5 to 4 Liters
6th Wash - Purified Air

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