Reactor Sampling System

Taking a sample at high temperature is major cause of worry for pharmaceutical plants especially when the reaction is hazardous. Spill over and exposure of sampling liquid is a perennial cause of batch rejection, reprocessing and various quality-related issues ultimately leading to personnel risk and lost profit. Our Reactor Sampling System is designed to offer automatic vacuum-operated reactor.
Pre-decided quantity of sample can be directly pulled into the sampling container in a closed manner. Operator can see what is happening in the sampling pot clearly and is always in control, but never at risk. Cleaning is easier, faster and risk-free.
Filtrate is pumped into filter, mother liquor is sent to ML tank and solid is collected on filter candle(s). By reverse flush method, wet cake is discharged and collected into a tub kept right below the filter.


  • Optical sensor powered
  • DCS operation possible


  • Stable and accurate results
  • Auto-sampling
  • Clear visibility during operation and cleaning


  • Sampling at high temperature
  • Sampling the reactor without exposure
  • Sampling of high corrosive solvents

Technical Specs

Pressure and Temperature range Up to 3 barg, - 40 °C to 200 °C Optional features SS 316, PTFE coating, Halar coating, Specialised Alloy materials, pH measurement

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