Pharmaceutical Positive Isolator

Whenever product protection is desired with respect to moisture / oxygen / creating inert working atmosphere / sterility etc, the Positive pressure Isolators are the solution. This Isolator works at higher pressure than atmospheric condition and is hermetically sealed system.
The blower / air handling system works on complete / partial recirculation wherever and whenever required, depending on the type of operation.
These Isolators are classified under ISO 5 ( Class 100 Grade A).
Positive pressure isolator is generally for Sterile Operation Applications. Sterility test Isolators are also integrated with VHP (Vapourised Hydrogen Peroxide) generator. With VHP cycle, the hazardous bacteria decontamination can be carried out.


  • Sterility testing
  • Sterile filtration
  • Sterile Compactor and filling lines
  • Sterile transfer
  • Sterile loading and unloading of vials into lyophilizers

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