Online Vial and Bottle Inspection Machine

The Online Vial and Bottle Inspection Machine has been used for inspecting vials and bottles with liquid content in them. This Online Bottle Inspection Machine can be easily used in industries where bottles with liquid are frequently used such as biotech, pharmaceutical and veterinary. The Bottle Inspection Machine consists of a three track conveyor system along with a hood for the lighting system. It also has a background of alternate black and white color for visual inspection.
The inspection table has a structure made of the best in class quality of stainless steel along with the slat chain equipment. The square pipe has adjustable bolts and square pipes which are also made of stainless steel material that has been used in the rest of the machine. The entire machine has been made in accordance with the standards established by GMP as a whole. The machine has been designed in such a manner that it can be easily cleaned and maintained over time.

Salient features of the Online Vial Inspection Machine have been described in the following few points

  • The PVC has a black and white board that has been constructed using the GMP standards
  • Driver for controlling the speed is also integrated
  • Length of the machine can be altered as per the requirements of the customer
  • The height can be adjusted of the conveyor belt in order to align it with the rest of the machine
  • Matt finish has been given to the stainless steel material that has been used for making the machine
  • Gear drive with direction
  • UHMW self lubrication guide has been placed below the chain
  • Bearing has been self aligned
  • Constant vibration free of the construction has also been installed

Technical Specifications of this Online Visual Bottle Inspection Machine include

Production Output
100 Containers/Minute
Input Specification
Container Diameter:
22mm to 100mm
Container Height:
58mm to 240mm
Number of Operators
Four (2x2)
Power Specification
0.5 H.P.
Electrical Characteristics
220 Volts, Single phase, 50 hertz
Conveyor Height
850mm to 900mm adjustable
Overall Dimension
1850mm (L) x 700mm (W) x 1550mm (L)

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