Injectable Powder Filling Machine

The Injectable Powder Filling Machine is ideal for adding injectable powder into vials. The exterior of the machine is essentially made up of stainless steel i.e. the parts of the machine that come into direct contact with air - such as container and rubber stopper etc. Furthermore, to service the machinery in the best possible manner and to ensure the best quality comes from this powder filling machine, the welded steel frame is also made using stainless steel which has access doors to it as well to increase the longevity of this automatic powder filling machinery.
During the operations of the machine, you will certainly realize the number of varied precautions and safety measures have been adopted keeping in mind the overall performance and high quality output of the machine. For example, there is a piston in each port and there are about 8 ports in each powder wheel. So, if you are also looking forward to buy one, you should certainly have a closer look at the technical specifications and the salient features given in the following few paragraphs.

Salient Features of this High Speed Injectable Powder Filling Machine

  • Sleek model of cGMP
  • Numerous Dosing Systems
  • Removable parts for compulsory sterilization process
  • Safety precautions against overload and jams through contractors and relays
  • Built-in rubber stoppering unit for high performance of this vacuum type powder filling machine
  • "No Vial, No Filling" feature makes the product economical
  • Digitalized counting system for production output
  • Irregular frequency of drive in order to control speed rate
  • Customized and independent drivers to run the filling and sealing processes separately
  • High volumetric filling accuracy maintenance techniques

Technical Specifications of the dry powder filling machinery

Product Rate
30 to 120 Vials/ Minute
Input Specification: Container Diameter
25mm to 38mm
Input Specification: Container Height
36mm to 75mm
Input Specification: Container Diameter
20mm, 28mm and 30mm Butyl
Fill Capacity
50 mg. to 1.5 gms with the help of change parts. Up to 6 gms filling by multiple dosing.
± 1% depending upon consistency and uniformity of bulk density of Injectable Powder under controlled level of humidity (Below 28% Rh)
Optional Accessories
Pure Air Filter, Vacuum Pump, Oil Free Air Compressor, Online Pre-Media Filling Arrangement, Programmable Logic Control (System) with MMI Aluminum Profile Cabinet covering full machine
Compressed Air
Max. 2 Kg./Cm2 Oil Free
25 Hg. @ 300 LPM Displacement
Relational Humidity
Below 28%
Overall Dimension
2100mm (L) X 842mm (W) X 1700mm (H)
(Dimension include main machine with in-feed turn table)

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