Injectable Liquid Filling Machine

The Injectable Liquid Filling Machine is promoted for usage for customers who require machinery for filling injectable glass vials. Some of the major parts of the machinery include a conveyor belt, unique eccentric pre-gassing, fill ups and post-gassing of the vials. The machine consists of efficient and accurate syringes, synthetic rubber tubing with a non-toxic speciality and compact panels. All these parts have been manufactured using the best quality stainless steel for your machine.
The short distance between the filling feature and the stoppering unit minimizes the risks relative to contamination of the liquid from external air contact. This injectable liquid filling machine is designed in such a manner that it should be used in a sterile environment only and for usage in the laminar flow protection only. The part of un-scrambler has been especially designed to ensure that the dead ends are removed and it becomes easier to clean the spots.

Salient features of this liquid filling machinery include

  • Compact GMP modelling
  • The feature of No Ampoule and No Filling system has been adopted
  • Centering around the ampoule neck while the process of flushing and filling are in progress is also done
  • Pre warming station is present
  • Contact parts are all made of stainless steel of 316L and the other parts which will not come in direct contact with air or the liquid are made of 304 Stainless steel quality
  • The minimum change over parts are of 1 ml to 20 ml ampoule size only
  • Nitrogen gas flushing is a high possibility before, during or after the filling process
  • The machine is easy to clean and maintain since it is available with full accessibility
  • Minimum over time change is required

Technical Specifications of this liquid filling machine for injectable project include

Number of Head
Production Output
30 to 60 Vials/ Minute
60 to 120 Vials/Minute
120 to 240 Vials/Minute
Input Specification: Container Diameter
15mm to 70mm
Input Specification: Container Height
25mm to 140mm
Input Specification:
Rubber Stopper
13mm, 20mm and 28mm Butyl with the help of change part
Fill Accuracy
+ 0.5% - +1%
Filling Range
2ml to 250ml
Optional Accessories
Programmable Logic Control (System) with MMI Safety Cabinet covering full machine
Electrical Characteristics
440 Volts, 3 Phase, 50 Hertz, 4 Wire System
Overall Dimension
440 Volts, 3 Phase, 50 Hertz, 4 Wire System
2200mm (L) X 850mm (W) X 1680mm (H)
3000mm (L) X 945mm (W) X 1680mm (H)
(Dimension include main machine with in-feed turn table)

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