Flip Off Cap Sealing Machine

The Flip Off Cap Sealing Machine has been designed to increase the rate at which sealing of glass vials was done till now. This is a compact model to help you increase the efficiency and the output of the production. If you have been searching for the best Flip Off Cap Machine then Multi Pack Machinery offers the most cost effective machine for your business.
This machine is used for flip off cap sealing through aluminum of the glass vials that are already filled and stoppered. This Automatic Cap Sealing Machine is majorly used in the pharmaceutical industries. Furthermore, on the basis of the output required, one can easily change the sealing heads and alter the processes.

Salient features of this Aluminium Flip Off Cap Sealing Machine have been explained below

  • Integration of complete cGMP modelling
  • It has a No Seal in Chute - Machine Stop system for better functioning
  • A single motor is used to operate all the major systems i.e. conveyor, star wheels and platform turret. The speed is also controlled by this motor. However, the speed can be controlled in accordance with the requirements through the operating panel.
  • Sealing pressure can also be regulated in accordance with the different gauges and caps
  • This is ideal for PP/Flip off caps
  • Also, it consists of the No Stopper on Vial Before Sealing - Machine Stop system
  • Parts exposed to the air are made of high quality stainless steel
  • The free spinning sealing rollers are made with the usage of springs in them. These are used to reduce any damage that can be caused to the caps.
  • Drivers have been installed to control the speed i.e. variable A/C frequency
  • Digitalized vial counter to count the number of sealed vials

Technical specifications of the Automatic Aluminum Cap Sealing Machine includes

Number Of Heads
Production Rate

30 To 60 Vials/Minute

60 To 120 Vials/Minute
100 T0 200
Input Specification
Container Diameter
Container Height:
Rubber Stopper:
15mm to 80mm
25mm to 180mm
13mm, 20mm & 28mm, 30mm & 33mm with the help of change parts
Power Supply
0.5 H.P.
10 H.P.
1.5 H.P.
Electrical Characteristics
440 Volts, 3 Phase, 50 Hertz, 4 Wire System
Optional Accessories
Aluminium Profile Cabinet Covering Full Machine
Chuk for flip-off seal
PLC with GUI
Overall Dimension
1250mm(L) X
800mm(W) X
1800 mm(H)
1400mm (L) X
850mm (W) X
1800mm (H)
2000mm (L) X
850mm(W) X
(Dimension include basic machine & 30” In-feed turn table)

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