Automatic Vial Washer

The Automatic Vial Washer is used for washing pharmaceutical glass vials of different sizes. This Bottle Washing Machine consists of six washing stations that are equipped with all the facilities for complete inner and outer washing of pharmaceutical glass vials. This is done to ensure that the vials are sterile and germ free since they are used for storing medications etc. It is understood that this model of Vial Washing Machines is the best for online untouched aseptic filling line of vials. If you have also been searching for something along these lines, please call our experts for a free quotation on the different types of Vial Washers and the selection of the best one in accordance with your own requirements.

Salient features of this Automatic Vial Washer has been explained in detail in the following points for the best understanding

  • Output of 120 vials per minute
  • Structure and other parts are made of AISI SS 304 material
  • The pump has a mechanical seal monoblock pump and the tanks and trays also consist of argon welded with round corner
  • Adjustable washing cycles and their numbers
  • Velocity controller present
  • In feed wire woven belt for putting vials on the container
  • Machine can tolerate long working hours without a hassle
  • Changing parts is not required
  • SS 316L used for making contact parts of the machinery
  • The Tanks, trays, pumps, nozzles and filter housing are all constructed with the usage of Stainless Steel model 316L as well
  • Special pocket system for the most efficient cleaning
  • Indexing motion
  • Easy to maintain and use machinery with a manual for guidance
  • Pumps have a tank of 60 liters each
  • Vial pockets are made of HDPE material
  • PLC System and printing with passwords

Technical Specifications of this Automatic Linear Vial Washer include

ALVW - 120
Production  Rate
120 Vials/Minute
Bottle Size
5ml to 250ml
left to right
Height of conveyor
850mm to 900mm
Power Supply (Main Machine)
1.5 H.P.
Power Supply (Pumps)
2 H.P.
Power Supply (Conveyor)
0.5 H.P.
Electrical Characteristics
440 Volts, 3 Phase, 50 Hertz
Utility (Air)
20 CFM
Utility (Water)
400 Litres/Hour
Overall Dimension
2290mm (L) X 1175mm (W) X 1575mm (H)
Net Weight
1000 Kgs.

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