Automatic Vial and Bottle Wet Glue Labeling Machine

The Automatic Vial and Bottle Wet Glue Labeling Machine uses cold glue to put labels automatically around containers made of different kinds of materials such as glass, plastic, aluminum, cardboard etc. The container is held in a vertical position while the machine puts glue and wraps it around the container. The AVGL 150 is hard, versatile and has been manufactured specifically so that it can be easily relied on without any hassles. This Automatic Vial Wet Glue Labeling Machine is also used for enhancing the operational effectiveness and to increase the overall output of the production. This Automatic Bottle Wet Glue Labeling Machine manufactured by Multi Pak Machinery is made in accordance with the latest GMP standards and requirements. Hence, the machinery is termed as a durable and long lasting product that takes into account the problems of the customer and caters to their requirements in the best possible manner.

Salient features of this Automatic Bottle Wet Glue Labeling Machine has been mentioned below

  • This Wet Glue Labeling Machine is ideal for overlap labelling and flag type labelling of containers of varied sizes and diverse materials
  • Special bearings that are self-aligning ensure that the whole process works smoothly and there are no issues in the free rotation of the parts time and again
  • The least amount of time is consumed in the change over from one size or one type to another
  • The system can automatically sense the absence of a container and hence it does not waste labels unnecessarily. The electro sensing device directly promotes No container - No label system
  • A digital counter is integrated in the machine beforehand which ensures continuous information about the number of labeled containers and the ones that are left out
  • Vacuum pump is also present

Technical Specifications of this Automatic Bottle Wet Glue Labeling Machine include

AGLM - 150
Production Rate
50 to 150 Containers/Minute
Input Specification:
Container Diameter
16mm to 70mm
Label Length
20mm to 130mm
Label Height
16mm to 90mm
Power Specification
1.5. H.P.
Optional Accessories
Code-over  Printing Device
Electrical Characteristic
440 Volts, 3 Phase, 4 wire, 50 Hertz
Safety Guard
AC Frequency Drive for speed control
Vacuum: 26” Hg. @ 150 LPM Displacement
Overall Dimension
1955mm (L) X 810mm(W) X 1420mm (H)

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