Automatic Linear Vial Washer

The Automatic Linear Vial Washer is majorly used by many pharmaceutical companies in the washing of glass vials. Multi Pak Machinery has introduced two different versions of the machine to help you get a better understanding of your requirements and the purchase of the best solution for your business. This Automatic Linear Vial Washing Machine provides an output of minimum 120 vials per minute and maximum 240 vials per minute. These are essentially used for online untouched filling of vials and the production line has to be completely sterile.

Salient features of this Linear Vial Washing Machine have been enlisted and explained through the following points for better understanding

  • Sleek cGMP model of the machine
  • All the parts that come into direct contact with the vials are made of AISI SS 316L stainless steel material which is among the best quality
  • The SS pump is made using SS 316L along with the mechanical seal monoblock pump
  • The specialized and customized pocket system ensures that all the vials are properly cleaned from inside and outside both
  • There are no change parts required from 5ml to 30ml vial
  • Gives an output of minimum 250 vials per minute which is pretty good as compared to other machines in this section
  • The machine are parts are constructed using AISI SS 304 stainless steel
  • The SS tanks and trays are made of SS 316L through argon welding and it has round corners
  • The SS Filter housing has been constructed using SS 316L as well along with the varied nozzles that have been incorporated at different places
  • The indexing motion eases the syringes to move inside the vial at the time when it is in a stable position

Technical Specifications of this Linear Vial Washing Machine include

AVW - 120
AVW - 250
Production Rate
120 Vials/ Minute
250 Vials/Minute
Vial Size
2ml to 250ml
2ml to 250ml
Left to right
Left to right
Height of conveyor
850mm to 900mm
850mm to 900mm
Power Supply (Main Machine)
1 H.P.
1.5 H.P.
Power Supply (Pumps)
2 H.P.
2 H.P.
Power Supply (Conveyor)
0.5 H.P.
0.5 H.P.
Electrical Characteristics
440 Volts, 3 Phase, 50 Hertz
440 Volts, 3 Phase, 50 Hertz
Utility (Air)
20 CFM
20 CFM
Utility (Water
400 Litres/Hour
600 Litres/Hour
Overall Dimension
2290mm (L) X 1175mm (W) X 1575mm (H)
3500mm (L) X 1500mm (W) X 1675mm (H)
Net Weight
1000 Kgs.
1200 Kgs.

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