Automatic External Vial Washing Machine

The Automatic External Vial Washing Machine has been specifically designed on account of popular demand to meet the requirements of manufacturers looking for a machine to help in the washing of the exteriors of the round shaped vials. The machine is responsible for washing the outer sides of the vials of different shapes and sizes and eliminate the particles or dust that may/may not be present around the vials over time. Once the vials are filled and sealed, they have to be cleaned properly to ensure that the final quality of the vials is seen and labelled properly. Hence, a vial washing machine has become an integral part of the whole process of making and supplying vials in the market.

Salient features of the best Automatic External Filled Vial Washing Machine is illustrated in the following few points

  • Sleek or cGMP model
  • The system follows the process of No Vial - No Washing system to avoid unnecessary wastage of resources. This further helps in creating a more economical and cost effective solution at the end the day
  • Indications and alarms have been added in the PLC
  • In case of no vial on the conveyor, the water and air supply also will be stopped automatically and other infeed and outfeed tables as well
  • The machine is ideal for washing the exteriors of vials that are of size 5ml to 100ml without any change parts
  • Machine has been designed in such a manner that it can be easily maintained and cleaned by the users
  • As soon as the acrylic doors are opened, the automated system will shut off the water and air supply immediately and it will not restart until and unless the door is closed again
  • Normal water can be used for washing.
  • Gear motors and AC frequency drivers for main drive, scrambler and unscrambler

Technical Specifications of this External Vial Washing Machine includes

AVEW - 200
Left to Right
Production rate
200 Vials/Minute
Vial Diameter
25mm to 60mm
Vial Height
38mm to 120mm
Power Supply
2 H.P.
Electrical Characteristics
440 Volts, 3 Phase, 50 Hertz
Working Height
Overall Dimension
3850mm (L) X 950mm(W) X 1650mm (H)
Net Weight
650 Kgs. approx.
Gross Weight
950 Kgs. approx.

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