Automatic Ampoule Washing Machine

Multi Pak Machinery has been ranked among the best Ampoule Washing Machine Manufacturers in the region. The machine is primarily used for washing ampoules while minimizing their contact with other machine parts. The machine has been designed in such a manner that Gripper system holds the ampoule from its neck and holds it in an inverted position until the washing of the ampoule is completed properly.
After the washing of the ampoule is successfully completed, the gripper releases the ampoule onto the outfeed feed worm system in a vertical position until positive wash of the ampoules is completed. The machine is ideal to wash 1ml to 10ml ampoules along with the assistance from change parts. The ampoule is then responsible to feed through the feed worm onto the star wheel. After this, the specially designed gripper holds the ampoule and inverts it before putting it on the rotary moving system for the washing process.

Salient features of this Automatic Ampoule Washing Machine has been explained below

  • Full cGMP model
  • The internal surface of the machine and wash media are made of the best quality stainless steel i.e. AISI 136L
  • All parts have been selected keeping in mind the cGMP modelling
  • Flexible washing with cycle and 18 jets for 6 internal washing zones
  • Ideal for ampoules of 1ml to 10ml
  • Washing zone has independent circuit, automatic infeed and outgoing of the containers
  • High capacity of washing ampoules @ 120 per minute minimum
  • The parts that do not come in direct contact with the ampoules are all made of engineering plastic i.e. AISI SS 304 and other types of FDA approved materials
  • Every ampoule is given 3 water and 3 air washes
  • Every cassette has 2 grippers and there are 15 cassettes in total
  • Washing sequence can be altered as per the requirement
  • PLC system and printing facility integrated with password verification system
  • Unit counter and speed indicator with a control panel are also present

Technical Specifications of this Ampoule Washing Machine include

AVRW - 120
Product Rate:
60 to 120 Ampoule/Minute
Input Specification:
1ml to 10ml Ampoules
Power Specification:
3 H.P, 3 Phase 50 Hertz,4 Wire System
Optional Accessories
Programmable Logic Control (System) with MMI Aluminum profile cabinet covering full machine
Air -20 CFM Water -200 to 500 liter per hour depend upon container size
Water Tank & Pump:
3 nos. each with 25 Liters capacity & Centrifugal pump
Overall Dimension
2050mm (L) X 1900mm (W)X1210mm (H)

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