Automatic Ampoule Self Adhesive Sticker Labeling Machine

The Automatic Ampoule Self Adhesive Sticker Labeling Machine is used by experts to efficiently label the already filled and sealed injectable glass ampoules. This Sticker Labeling Machine has been essentially adopted and used by pharmaceutical companies for labeling ampoules. This machine has been especially equipped with stepper motors and variable AC frequency which is used for controlling the velocity of the machine. This is done to meet the customized requirements of diverse pharmaceutical companies in the world. This machine has been identified as the best solution for mid-sized injectable organizations.
This adhesive sticker labeling machine has proved to be the best solution by professionals around the country as the foremost solution for labeling the ampoules with the utmost accuracy and best delivery at the end of the day. Pharmaceutical companies use it to provide the best quality ampoules to its consumers and maintain their status in terms of quality provisions as well. So, if you are looking for the best machine, call Multi Pak machinery and get complete machinery solutions for your business.

Salient features of this Self Adhesive Labeling Machine have been explained in detail below

  • Sleek cGMP modeling
  • SS 304 construction of machine of stainless steel
  • System of no label - no ampoule to minimize wastage and complete utilization of resources
  • Best infrastructure to ease the cleaning and maintenance processes
  • Variable AC frequency feature to optimize the velocity and adjust in the best manner
  • Higher output as compared to other machines i.e. 150 ampoules labeling per minute
  • Complete accuracy in case of label placement on ampoules
  • Servo based systematization
  • Easiest change over
  • Imported gear box along with a motor for the best output from the machine
  • Imported sensors for labeling the container in the best way
  • Indication of speed and the presence of counter pre built

Technical Specification of this Automatic Self Adhesive Ampoule Sticker Labeling Machine include

Production  Rate
100 to 150 Ampoule/ Minute
Input Specification
Ampoule Diameter:
10mm to 22mm
Ampoule Height
60mm to 140mm
Power Specification
0.5 H.P.
Electrical Characteristics
220 Volts,Single Phase, 50 Hertz
Optional Accessories
Ink Roller Printer
Inkjet Printer
Programmable Logic Control (PLC) System With MMI
Aluminum profile cabinet covering full machine
Overall Dimension
1500mm (L)X 600mm (W) X 1200mm (H)

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