Automatic Ampoule Inspection Machine

Are you looking for best Ampoule Inspection Machine Manufacturers in your region? The Automatic Ampoule Inspection Machine promoted by Multi Pack Machinery is best in class in the industry. The machine proves to be the best solution for inspecting the injectable vials and glass ampoules of varied types.
This inspection machine consists of essentially four tracks which can be used simultaneously. These tracks are separated using nylon made six roller chains. These are accessible with the usage of a spinning assembly which has different AC drive rejection units. The units in this drive is made of 24 volts DC wiring which further ensures the safety of the users and the application of precautions to avoid any mishaps at the end of the day.
Along with the above features, this also consists of an AC frequency drive with variables to adjust speed in accordance with specific requirements. Every contact part is made of stainless steel and engineering plastics that have been especially approved by experts as per the cGMP necessities.

Salient features of this Automatic Ampoules and Vials Inspection Machine has been explained in the following pointers

  • Feature of suspended particles is integrated
  • Every ampoule or vial is check twice before the final check is completed
  • It helps in saving space with its unique design
  • Validation parameter setting is completed before hand and it is easy to change the product as well
  • Fill volume check after regular intervals is feasible
  • It has been termed as one of the most cost effective solutions for companies using ampoules and vials fillers or sealers etc.
  • Detection can be done with the use of polarized light
  • Data can easily be logged online for taking a reference in future

Technical specifications of the Ampoule inspection machine include

Product Rate
30 to 120 Vials/ Minute
Input Specification: Container Diameter
25mm to 38mm
Input Specification: Container Height
36mm to 75mm
Input Specification: Container Diameter
20mm, 28mm and 30mm Butyl
Fill Capacity
50 mg. to 1.5 gms with the help of change parts. Up to 6 gms filling by multiple dosing.
± 1% depending upon consistency and uniformity of bulk density of Injectable Powder under controlled level of humidity (Below 28% Rh)
Optional Accessories
Pure Air Filter, Vacuum Pump, Oil Free Air Compressor, Online Pre-Media Filling Arrangement, Programmable Logic Control (System) with MMI Aluminum Profile Cabinet covering full machine
Compressed Air
Max. 2 Kg./Cm2 Oil Free
25 Hg. @ 300 LPM Displacement
Relational Humidity
Below 28%
Overall Dimension
2100mm (L) X 842mm (W) X 1700mm (H)
(Dimension include main machine with in-feed turn table)

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