Multi Pack Machinery has been ranked among the leading providers of machinery for filling, sealing, stoppering and washing of vials, ampoules or cartridges. With a team of highly skilled professionals and experts in class, Multi Pak Machinery brings to you the most innovative solutions to all your requirements. Our machinery is ideal for the pharmaceutical industry, food industry, cosmetic manufacturers and food packers and suppliers.
The company has an ability to design and fabricate all types of jobs. The company is managed by a group of qualified and experienced Mechanical Engineers, and process engineers, Finance and Information Technology and manufacturing. The work force at Multi Pack Machinery Equipments comprises of experienced and skilled personnel who are adept at developing and manufacturing quality machinery. The company has well-organized factory units. The manufacturing units with all the necessary work-shop machinery. We are always open to new ideas flowing in from any level & has a faster implementation of strategies and decisions to be made.
The compliance with the latest cGMP standards and the usage of the highest quality Stainless Steel material assures Top Notch Services to every customer across the Globe. With considerable amount of experience in the field, Multi Pack Machinery has a series of 100% satisfied customers and customizable solutions in accordance with the requirements of a customer.
If you are also looking for the most unique solutions to optimize your resources andreduce wastage of material with highly efficient machines, call the experts of Multi Pak today for a free quotation. With the assurance of contamination-free filling and washing, the machinery of the Company flaunts the addition of imported parts to the machines and the compilation of some of the most reputed and extremely reliable machinery in the industry.
Multi Pack Machinery is known for the most cost effective prices for the quality of the machinery it offers its customers. Some of the most prominent features available in approximately all its machines include digital counters for precision, accuracy of filling, sterile environment, avoidance of any contamination, usage of best quality Stainless Steel for exteriors and contact parts both. Furthermore, the speed control features and the presence of acrylic lids help in monitoring the whole progress thoroughly without any hassles.
Shree Bhagwati is India's No 1 Packaging machinery for Pharmaceutical, Food, Cosmetic Packaging Machinery Manufacturer since 1998 .

Range of Product offered by Shree Bhagwati Group :

• Ampoule and Vial filling line - Washing machine like vial washing machine, bottle washing machine, External Ampoule washing Machine , Internal Ampoule washing machine.
• Powder fillers - Filling machine include liquid filling, injectable Dry powder filling Machine, dry syrup Liquid and Powder filling, Auger powder filling.
• Capper machine - Capping machine-like Vial cap sealing machine, ROPP cap sealing machine, Screw capping machine & Pick & Place screw capping machine , twist off cap vacuum type lug capping machine, chuck capper.
• Cup placement machine - Lid placement machine
• Sticker Self adhesive labelling machine for any type of container like Vial , Bottles , Ampoules.
• Vila and bottle Wet Glue Labelling Machine.
• Automatic unscramble for Pet bottle.
• Air / Vacuum bottle and Jar cleaning machine
• Various conveyors Slat, Packing, U , L shape etc.
• Waterfall type Cap feeder elevators
• Track and Trace solution label applicator - labeling systems
• Ampoule filling and Sealing Machine vertical and horizontal line
• Clean Room Accessories like LAF, Pass box, Furniture etc

Our turkey project solution :

• Injectable dry Vial powder filling line
• Dry syrup Bottle powder filling line
• Injectable liquid vial filling line
• IV Bottle packaging Line

Capper machine - Capping Machine

• Automatic Vial Sealing Machine
• Automatic Ropp Cap Sealing Machine
• Automatic Screw Capping Machine
• Automatic Pick And Place Type Screw Capping Machine
• Automatic Lug Capping Machine
• Automatic Pick And Place Type Lug Capping Machine
• Automatic Linear Type Capping Machine
• Automatic Bottle Capping Machine
• Automatic Snap Fit Type Capping Machine
• Automatic Pick And Place Snap Fit Type Capping Machine
• Automatic Crown Capping Machine

Powder Filling Machine - Auger filler , Vacuum Powder filler

• Automatic Injectable Dry Powder Filling Machine
• Automatic Auger Type Powder Filling Machine
• Automatic Dry Syrup Powder Filling Machine

Liquid Filling Machine - Liquid filler with Volumetric , Piston , Gear pump and flow meter, vacuum base.

• Automatic Liquid Filling Machine
• Automatic Volumetric Liquid Filling Machine
• Automatic Peristaltic Pump Based Liquid Filling Machine
• Automatic Gear Pump Based Filling Machine
• Automatic FlowMeter Based Liquid Filling Machine
• Automatic Gravity Based Filling Machine
• Automatic Rotary Lobe Pump Based Filling Machine

Sticker Labeling Machine - Sefl adhesive labeling machine, Labeller machine for Vial, Bottle, Jar and tin.

• Automatic Sticker Labeling Machine
• Automatic Sticker Labeling Machine With Online Batch Printing
• Automatic Self Adhesive Sticker Labeling Machine
• Automatic Double Side Labeling Machine
• Automatic Wet Glue Labeling Machine
• Automatic Shrink Sleeve Labeling Machine

Washing Machine for Vial , Ampoule and bottles
• Automatic Tunnel Type Washing Machine
• Automatic Rotatory Gripper Type Washing Machine
• Semi Automatic Rotary Washing Machine

Ampoule filling line - Filler , Washer , labellers.

• Ampoule Filling And Sealing Machine
• External Ampoule Washing And Drying Machine
• Automatic Ampoule Sticker Labeling Machine
• Automatic Ampoule Visual Inspection Machine

So, call Multi Pack Machinery and get hold of the most commendable solutions to all your manufacturing issues today with the World Class fully automated machines. Feel free to place a call for free assistance at +91 9099935527 or email us on now! You can also leave your queries by filling a small form at: Contact and let us get back to you as soon as possible.